PhilSCAT joins 47th CORD Meeting

PhilSCAT as one of the research arm of CLSU under the Research, Extension and Training Program joins the 47th Council of RET Directors (CORD) meeting at Goshen Resort and Hotel in Bambam, Tarlac last October 25-26, 2018.

Directors from different centers under RET office led by Dr. Fe Porciuncula, vice president for RET, spearheaded the said CORD meeting.

The quarterly meeting was composed of PhilSCAT, Research Office, Extension Office, Training Office, RM Cares, AREC, WRMC, FAC and SRC. The centers actively presented their highlights and accomplishment for 3rd Quarter Center based on 2018 Work and Financial Plan.

The meeting commenced with announcements and finalization of the policy on giving remuneration and commendation for patent, utility model and plant varietal protection registration.

Engagement in Rice Fiesta and Goat Fiesta were also discussed including different working committees and program activities.

Directors came up with the concept of branding, though it is not a new concept in the academe as well as in the industry.

Proposals were also deliberated in the meeting like the merging of IPO (RET) and TTO (UBAP). Presentations of proposed operations manual and agro-tourism were presented by Dr. Maria Excelsis M. Orden.

The meeting wrapped up with the presentation of highlights of accomplishment for the 3rd quarter. BZMunar



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