PhilSCAT staff won 3rd spot in scientific poster

Leila Baldedara, PhilSCAT research assistant won the 3rd spot for scientific poster competition entitled “Development of PhilSCAT CMS Lines Utilizing Rapid Generation Advance (RGA) Technique” during the 30th CLSU In-house Review at the RET Amphitheatre on August 29 to 30, 2018.

Among the 20 scientific entries, only three posters were chosen. The first place was won by the team of Neal del Rosario of Small Ruminant Center (SRC) with their project title “Dairy Goat Performance Analysis for Improved Productivity”, followed by the posters on “Soybean Utilization and Product Development” by the team of Thelma Estera and the poster entry by the team of Baldedara.

Meanwhile, there were 53 on-going and completed R&D programs, projects, and studies presented by the researchers which were mostly related to agriculture and fisheries.

The team of Erick Allaine C. Flores of PhilSCAT also presented their on-going project under the research category on farm resources and environment entitled “Formulations of Organic Pesticides from Siam Weed (Chromolaena odorata) as Eradicant/repellent Against Rice Weevil (Sitophilus orayzae) on Storesd Rice (Orayza Sativa) Seeds”.

Anchored on the theme “Engaging Young Brains towards Sustaining Science Gains,” President Tereso A. Abella of CLSU encouraged the youth to seek and innovate for impact. “Let us mentor these young minds who will carry on the torch that will bring more breakthroughs and goodwill to all,” he said.
Dr. Fe L. Porciuncula, Vice President for RET hoped that through the presented completed R&D projects, new content or information will be identified that can be packaged and disseminated into different IEC (Information, Education, and Communication) materials for possible commercialization.

The said event is an annual activity of the Research, Extension and Training (RET) Program in recognition of the university’s R&D efforts and provide opportunity for researchers to present their notable accomplishments in an appropriate forum. PPBernal


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