PhilSCAT’s Chinese experts bid last farewell

As the PhilSCAT’s second technical cooperation between the Philippines and the People’s Republic of China is about to conclude by June 2017, five Chinese experts bids their last farewell to their Filipino colleagues through a send-off party held at the PhilSCAT’s Multi-purpose hall on March 3, 2017.

The three Chinese experts namely, Wang Shunguo, Sun Zhenbiao and Lei Yanfeng are the second batch of technical experts from China assigned at PhilSCAT, while Xiao Wei including Mr. Cheng Liangji have been part of TCP 2 since 2012.

Dr. Emmanuel V. Sicat, PhilSCAT director graced the event with a welcome remark while Dr. Tereso A Abella, CLSU president and Dr. William Co, Agricultural Committee’s director-in-charge of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry both gave their send-off messages and acknowledged all the Chinese experts’ support and accomplishments for the past 5 years.

One of the highlights of the event was the viewing of a tribute video which includes compiled thank you greetings and farewell messages of PhilSCAT staff from TCP I and TCP II and the awarding of plaques of appreciation to the five Chinese experts for their technical support and guidance at the Center.

Meanwhile, Liangji gave his response message and thanked Dr. Abella for the budget allocation and for ensuring the sustainability of PhilSCAT.

Also, Cheng sent his deep appreciation to his colleagues for the past 10 years he stayed in the Philippines particularly to Dr. Sicat, Dr. Gavino, Dr. Abon, Dr. Falla and Dr. Apaga.

“They are important members of PhilSCAT who has been my friend for more than ten years, and I thanked their contributions for the initiation and implementation of PhilSCAT TCP I and TCP II,” Cheng said.

Furthermore, Cheng also thanked the Department of Agriculture and PilSCAT’s partner agencies such as PhilRice, PHilMech, ATI and DA RFO 3 for providing manpower, fund and technical support to the Center.

“Today is my last day of work in PhilSCAT. I am expecting successful application and implementation of PhilSCAT third technical cooperation, and I hope PhilSCAT will continuously play a major role in the Philippine hybrid rice development, and most importantly, I hope to see you again,” Cheng said in his final note. PPBernal


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