Now that PhilSCAT’s 5-year project implementation is about to conclude, the working contract of all the Chinese experts will soon end as well. This may mean goodbye to some, but as long as the Philippine and China cooperation stand strong to its commitment to uplift the Philippine agriculture, it will always mean ‘until we meet again’.

Mr. Cheng Liangi, 62, has been part of PhilSCAT since 2002. He has brought many contributions in terms of technical supervision on modern Chinese farming technologies.

He has served almost 14 years of his career in the Philippines bringing Chinese agricultural advancements to uplift the lives of the Filipino farmers.

Despite the culture barrier, Cheng made a huge mark to the hearts of the Filipino farmers and served as a ‘father figure’ to all his Chinese and Filipino colleagues.

Now that PhilSCAT second Technical Cooperation is about to conclude, Cheng was nonetheless happy to be part of this growing family.


His journey started in a big decision to come in an entirely new and unfamiliar environment carrying only the courage in his heart and determination to start from scratch.

Challenged by the fact that he will be immersed in an unfamiliar environment with different culture and belief, he took the responsibility to become the Co-Director of PhilSCAT in 2002.

Though it wasn’t easy at first, he was able to overcome the pain and sorrow of living overseas away from his family and homeland.

Come with the huge responsibility as Chinese Director of PhilSCAT were sacrifices he had to endure living overseas.

While fulfilling his duties, his parents passed away. He was beyond sad, knowing he wasn’t able to be there when they needed him the most.

Also, the fact that he needed to be separated for a very long time to his family always worries him and brings him uneasiness.

But beyond these sacrifices he endured didn’t change his ground and waver his decision to come in the Philippines.

Beyond sacrifices

“I would like to tell everyone that I am very happy and satisfied for my decision 14 years ago. I can truly say, the prime years of my life were never been wasted but instead have gained so much meaning,” he said.

Cheng had participated in the whole process of PhilSCAT TCP I and TCP II from planning, designing and implementing in the past 10 years.

Through his supervision, PhilSCAT has acquired the basic functions of scientific research, demonstration, training and socialized services in the field of hybrid rice, agricultural machinery and biogas and had acquired the stature of most noted and esteemed Philippine-China project.

He introduced more than 120 Chinese varieties and cultivated 16 new hybrid rice varieties. Among those, 5 varieties have been approved by the National Seed Industry Council (NSIC).

Moreover, he spearheaded the conduct of commercial seed production in the Philippines which exceeded more than 100 hectares of seed production area in 2016.

Aside from the expansion and influence he had brought in the field of hybrid rice technology, he also made remarkable feats than expected.

With the assistance and recommendation of the Chinese expert team, additional funds was provided by Chinese government amounting to US$777 or equivalent to Php38Million used in different aides in the areas of agricultural machinery, hybrid rice technology, infrastructure, and calamity assistance.

He was able to recommend 104 Filipino staff for capability trainings to China. Among those, 62 were covered in TCP II of which 43 were from CLSU and PhilSCAT.

Destiny must have brought him to attain all of these achievements that led him to witness the development of the relationship between China and Philippines.

According to Cheng, life is accompanied by gain and loss. He had already declared his retirement from the project and received the understanding from his family and collegues.

He said that he would like to share his happiness to have work with PhilSCAT staff for the past 10 years and wished for the profound friendship for the future agricultural cooperation between China and Philippines.

Brief Background

Cheng Liangji, born on October 3, 1955 is married to Wang Zongke. He has one daughter named Cheng Yiqiaochu living in Changsha City, China.

He has a Degree in Agronomy and graduated from Hunan Agricultural University.

Cheng who is an expert in Agricultural Administration, Agricultural Technology, Multilateral and Bilateral Foreign Affairs Cooperative Program and Joint Venture Management is also a member of the Foreign Economic Center of the Department of Agriculture of Hunan Province.

His passion in photography and literature inspired him to discover some beautiful places in the Philippines such as Cebu and Palawan.

He became as the Co-Director of PhilSCAT TCP I from 2003 to 2008. When TCP II was signed in September 2011, he took again the co-directorship and headed the Chinese Expert Group of PhilSCAT until 2016.


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