New set of farm service providers to roll out in Region III

A new set of farm service providers from Region III attended the 2-day training workshop on the basic operation and maintenance of mechanical rice transplanter and Double Mulching Technique on May 2-3, 2017 in partnership with Department of Agriculture Regional Field Office III (DA-RFO III) and PhilSCAT.

A total of thirty two (32) participants from Zambales, Pampanga, Tarlac and Nueva Ecija registered and will perform the actual demonstration of the modified seedling preparation using the Double Mulching Technique and undergo the actual hands-on operation of the mechanical rice transplanter tomorrow, May 3.

In a message from Dr. Emmanuel V. Sicat, PhilSCAT director during the opening ceremony held on May 2, he mentioned one of major headaches of traditional farming is the labor problems –the unavailability of farm workers in the midst of transplanting season which significantly affects farm production.

“One of the factors favorably associated to farm mechanization is the willingness of the user to adapt the technology, the user should be the one to adjust with the technology,” Sicat said.

Also, he mentioned that in order to compete with other countries and prepare ourselves for the ASEAN integration we should be efficient in finding ways to lower our production cost in terms of labor and inputs while increasing our production yield hence, farm mechanization can be one of the solution to catch up with other countries.

The ASEAN integration is aimed at transforming the region into a single market and production base, where goods, services, investment, skilled labor, and capital move freely and compete in the global market.

Furthermore, the 2-day training-workshop is an approach for the beneficiaries of farm machineries from different cooperatives and farmer’s associations in Region III especially the landless workers who are threatened to be displaced by the Farm Mechanization Program.

However, despite the fact that the region have different farmers’ cooperatives and associations who are recipients of various farm machineries, there are still some who lacks knowledge on its utilization.

To address this, DA RFO III partnered with PhilSCAT in conducting the said training in order to utilize these machines and maximize its benefits.

“We are pleased with your response in this training, we are hoping that all of you who are recipients of farm machines from DA will effectively maximize its use to increase our rice production,” Wilson Santarina of DA RFO III said in his message. PPBernal



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