New ties inked for the AxR hybrid rice seed production

PhilSCAT is widening its reach for the promotion of hybrid rice seed production through collaborations with the Prasad Seeds Philippines, Inc. (PSPI), government agencies from Regions 1 and 3 and its local government units.

PSPI, a global seed company based in India with specialization on postharvest processing and handling of seeds from drying to packaging, has added hybrid rice seed production to its interests and tapped PhilSCAT to lead the On-site Season Long Training (OSSLT) on AxR Hybrid Rice Seed Production which will enable them to become potential hybrid rice seed producers/growers.

The technical briefing and MOA signing was held on May 17, 2016 in Pangasinan. The said training which is composed of 17-day sessions will be covered from July 7, 2016 until November 23, 2016.

PhilSCAT together with BPI-NSQCS Regions 1 and 3; DA-RFO in Regions 1 and 3; Agricultural Training Institute in Region 1 and Local Government Units in Pangasinan lead the OSSLT in an opening ceremony held on July 7, 2016 in Rosales in which 33 participants registered for the said training.

Present in the event were DA-RFO 1 Director Dr. Valentino Perdido; Engr. Crispulo Bautista in behalf of DA-RFO 3 Director Andrew Villacorta; Jeimelie Constantino from ATI Region 1; Roberto Espanto Rosales municipal agriculturist; Arnel Ramil Apaga, PhilSCAT assistant director and KMD chief; PhilSCAT Directors Emmanuel V. Sicat and Cheng Liangji aside from the participants and guests from Region 1 and Region 3, LGU staff of Rosales and other participating agencies.

Exequiel Magsaysay, PSPI’s corporate secretary welcomed the guests and participants where he said in his message that he is in support of the Department of Agriculture’s goal of bringing the technology to the farmers and he wishes the participants more learnings and profit after the training.

Meanwhile, Dr. Valentino Perdido, DA-RFO 1 regional executive director shows his appreciation in his message with the training collaboration for it mirrors the national goal of rice self-sufficiency.

According to Perdido, Pangasinan tops the whole region in terms of hybrid rice with more than 70,000 hectares planted in wet season cropping.

Moreover, the regional director encouraged the participants to go into hybrid rice for he sees higher potential in terms of yield over inbred rice proven on its regional performance when it comes to its rice sufficiency level with 178% despite calamities in 2015.

Dr. William Dar, former DA secretary and now the global strategic consultant of PSPI thanked the collaborators of the OSSLT and gave a brief profile on PSPI and how it decided to invest on hybrid rice seed production.

“We know pretty well that the productivity of rice in our country is such in a stage where you really can double if not triple using the right interventions, the right technologies and the right support systems necessary to make it possible and we have started the research as early as late 90’s but you have seen the last 18 years how hybrid seed program was mentored by various leaderships. This administration with their pronouncements of having to have rice self-sufficiency they have now identified that technology and innovations is the key to bring about this level of rice self-sufficiency and that is the use of hybrid rice seeds,” Dar said.

According to the former secretary, they were really anticipating this move by the government and tapping PhilSCAT to do the training and technical assistance will make this venture turn into reality.

PRASAD is targeting to produce 120 hectares of hybrid rice seeds the next dry season cropping as a starting point.

The Indian seed company have been partnering with other multi-national seed companies all over the world such as Syngenta, Monsanto, Pioneer, BioSeed, etc before it decided to bring their state of the art postharvest processing technologies in the Philippines in 2014 located at Rosales, Pangasinan.  PPBernal


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