Final techno-demo of top promising CHRLs concludes this DS 2016

The final technology demonstration of the two top promising Chinese Hybrid Rice Lines (CHRLs) concluded this dry season 2016 through Farmers’ Field Days (FFDs).

Conduct of Farmers’ Field days is a practiced promotional strategies that convene farmers within the community to optimize stakeholders’ and farmers’ exposure on the promising CHRLs tested in PhiLSCAT.

In congruence to the National Cooperative Testing trials for hybrid rice, a two-season preliminary yield trial were also done by the Center for each site to determine the adaptability of the hybrid varieties being tested.


The techno-demo in Tarlac located at Maniego’s Farm, Barangay Maluid, Victoria began in wet season 2015 and concluded during the Farmer’s Field Day held last March 2, 2016 for dry season 2016.

During the event’s farm visit, LP 952 is anticipated to rank first over LP937, however actual agronomic data showed that LP 937 yielded mch higher with 9.6 tons per hectare and 20 productive tillers compared to LP 952 with an average yield of 8.5 tons per hectare across season and has only 17 productive tillers come out during the final season of the techno-demo.

According to Marilou Gacusan, supervising agricultural technician, one factor which affected the performance of the LP 937 was due to strong wind which caused uneven heading of the crops.

The FFD was attended by farmers of Victoria Tarlac, Mayor Candido R. Guam III, Provincial Agriculturist Edwina K. Tumabo,DBA, Ph.D., Brgy. Captain Mario R. Cajuigan, OIC Municipal Agriculturist Josefina E. Cerezo, Chairman of Committee on Agriculture Michael C. Villa Agustin, Farmer Cooperator Melencio D. Maniego, PhilSCAT Co-Director Mr. Cheng Liangji, PhilSCAT Technology Product Development Division Chief Carlos C. Abon, Jr., and PhilSCAT and LongPing High Tech Chinese Experts.

Based on the team’s observation the crops stand are on the heading to milking stage. A few indications of stemborer was also observed, however no other significant damage found.

In Liangji’s message he said that he was hoping for a more productive and useful ways of using the knowledge gained by the participants in the event from technology demonstration of the CHRLs.


A total of thirty five (5) farmers attended the Farmer’s Field Day for the final techno-demo of the top performing CHRLs held at Angelino Hipol’s Farm, Brgy. Cabaritan, San Manuel, Isabela last March 29, 2016.

Based on the data presented during the event, the average no. of tillers for LP 963 is 6, 21 for LP 952, 17 for LP 982, and 15 for LP 933, while the average number of grains for LP 963 is 141, 254 for LP 952, 203 for LP 982, and 253 for LP 933.

Also present in the event are Dr. Carlos C. Abon, Jr., chief-TPDD; Danny Tumamao, provincial agriculturist of Isabela; and Ruben Santos, San Maunel, Isabela municipal agriculture officer were present in the event.

The final inspection was done last March 18, 2016 by PhilSCAT experts headed by Francis E. Mina, science research analyst II, Reymark Fulgencio, science research assistant, Xaio Wei and Wang Shung Guo, Chinese hybrid rice experts.

Aside from the two top performing CHRLs—LP 952 and LP937 demonstrated in the area, other hybrid varieties namely LP 933, LP 982, and LP 963 were also planted for adaptability trials.

Meanwhile, Tumamao expresses his full support to the project and his words of appreciation and encouragement during the said event has been truly heartwarming.

“We are lucky that we have a dam, not every province has it. That is why let us make it our obligation to learn on how we can reach the maximum rice yield to boost our rice production. And as they say, let’s not compete with others instead compete with the best that we’ve already done,” Tumamao shared.

According to Tumamao, Isabela was greatly affected by the typhoons especially ‘Nona’ which caused massive flooding last December 2015. Typhoon Nona damaged most of the rice fields in Isabela leaving only 4.30 hectares out of the 10-hectare PhilSCAT techno-demo of CHRLs for this dry season 2016 where LP 937 was totally devastated.

Nueva Ecija

The last techno-demo in Talavera was conducted in cooperation with its Local Government Unit where the Farmer’s Field Day was held at Herrera’s Farm located in Brgy. Tabacao, Talavera, on April 11, 2016.
Based on the results presented by Virginia A. Leandro, supervising agricultural technologist of Talavera; LP 952 tops the techno-demo with a yield of 167 cavans per hectare around 8.6 tons per hectare at 14% moisture content while LP 937 had a calculated yield of 147 cavans per hectare with the same MC.
Meanwhile, Arnel Ramir M. Apaga, assistant director of PhilSCAT was hoping for the continuous partnership between the Talavera farmers and the Local Government Unit.

“I hope that with your cooperation, we will be able to bring here more good varieties of rice seeds from China or even the varieties that the PhilSCAT is still developing so that we could help the farmers and support the objectives of the DA to attain food sufficiency,” Apaga said.
Also present in the event are Virginia A. Leandro, supervising agricultural technologist of Talavera; Raymund B. Herrera, farmer cooperator; Mercy D. Pakula from the Municipal Agriculture Office of Talavera; Councilor Jaimi Mendoza, representative of Brgy. Captain Roniel S. Serrano; and Mr. Cheng Liangji, PhilSCAT co-director.
With a total of 63 attendees, PhilSCAT gave away 8 sacks of seeds of LP 937 and LP 952 as a token to the farmers for their participation during the event. JMRarama


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